Wild Harvesting

Why sustainable wild Harvesting?

The sustainable Harvesting of primordial Crops protects the environment and gives our customers access to the most precious raw materials that form the maximum nutrient density in their original form.

The fact is, that hardly a commercial raw material still possesses the same active ingredient content as wild crops. It‘s not without reasons medical studies are almost always carried out on genetically pure plants. There are even companies that are looking for or selling wild tomatoes in the deep jungle of Guatemala and sell them to research.

Laboratory analyzes have confirmed that bioproducts have a much higher active ingredient content. But that is still not comparable to what is in our wild raw materials from the rainforest. Contrasting the active ingredient content of ordinary raw materials to wild crops, it can be seen that these have a nutrient density of up to 700%. This is one reason why we are working to protect the jungles and to bring our customers closer, unprocessed and wildly collected products.

Sustainable . Wild. Vegan.

Projects for Rainforest Protection
Sustainable wild Harvesting
Primordal Plants

True sustainability is not impossible!

Admittedly, to be as sustainable as we are is impossible for most manufacturers due to the large quantities with which the industry is to be supplied. With us, only the quality counts and the quantity is rather unimportant. We would like to offer the few people a first-class alternative that doesn‘t promote a trend with bio and sustainability, but is offered in the most honest form and with a clear conscience.

All our rainforest resources are collected wildly and by hand. Most of our collectors come from indigenous villages often far away from modern civilization. The Indians have a completely different relationship with nature. They only extract what the forest can really handle. Some of the seeds, nuts and plant parts are always left behind, because they serve animals as a healing source of food.

Wild Harvesting by Indigenous Communities

The indigenous peoples know exactly how much they can take from the forest without destroying it. That is why they are one of our most important partners.

Through the trusting cooperation with the aborigines, we can offer our customers the most sustainable raw materials with the highest ecological quality level and thus protect endangered rainforest areas. Through the source of income, people are permanently able to defend themselves against landowners, biopirates and unscrupulous firms and can finance lawyers and land purchases. A part of the sustainable wild habitat is always accompanied and supervised by the local Indian protection authority.

Complete Transparency & sustainability for your Products

Our projects are not designed to generate high profits. Rather, we were looking for a way to make the topic of rainforest protection more modern and protect it at the same time, without being dependent on donations. This is also reflected in our services. We offer our customers the possibility of full transparency. No matter if press or business partner, the projects of Samuria can be visited on the spot in the Amazon.

On request, we can also produce your own product video with the native people.