Tucuma Oil

One for all – our pure Tucuma oil provides moisture and a young skin tone. And it is the ideal base for creams, shampoos and lotions.

Wild Tucuma is the all-rounder among our precious care oils. Absorbentmoisture, active UV protection and it alleviates the signs of sun and agespots. It can be used for cream, lotion or soap. And even as a conditioner itis a faithful companion in the hectic nursing day.

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TUCUMA - The powerful all-round talent

Pure Tucuma butter
is true pure care.

  • Food Quality
  • versatile use
  • Suitable as pre- and after-sun care
  • For the regeneration of brittle and brittle hair
  • Supports the neutralization of oxygen radicals
  • For the prevention of age-related skin spots and Hyperpigmentation

Wild Tucuma oil
is always there.

With its diverse properties, the oil of Tucuma seeds is a popular care product. But even here, only the pure oil from the wild collection holds its promise: a comprehensive care of skin and hair that you can trust. It moisturises the skin, protects it from the damage caused by strong sunlight, and quickly eliminates small spots and inflammation.

The sustainable palm fruit oil alternative

Tucuma oil has a very high concentration of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, making it ideal for making your own moisturizers and rich lotions. With its high content of active beta-carotene – around 50 times more than in carrots – it protects the skin from the effects of UV rays and is an absolute must with every sunbath. In addition, pure Tucuma from wild collection contains 47% lauric acid, making it the perfect base for anyone who wants to make their own soaps and cosmetic products uncomplicated and natural without chemicals. The Tucuma oil has a stunning spreadability and is thus the much better alternative to palm oil as a cosmetic base.

Our Tucuma oil is a wild natural product that is only available in limited quantities. Sets a clear signal against the ruthless depletion of the rainforest and prefers sustainable wild collections. The commonly used palm oil is e.g. responsible for the clearance of gigantic jungle areas.

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0,1 L (100 ml), 1,0 Liter, 10.0 L, 190,0 L, 50,0 L




Carrier Oils, Nutritional Oils

Trad. Anwendung

Anti-Aging, Dry & itchy Skin, Sun Protection


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