Tucuma Butter

Soft, softer, Tucuma – this is what soft skin feels like. And our Tucuma Butter is a great base for homemade care products, natural cosmetics and Apothecary-ointments.

You can use our Tucuma butter alone or in a few minutes make your own care cream. Cold-pressed Tucuma butter is so convincing that it will expel many other creams and lotions from the drugstore from your bath.


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TUCUMA - for perfect care creams

Do something really
good for the skin!

  • Pampers with an extremely soft skin feeling
  • Intensive moisturizing care for normal skin
  • The sustainable alternative to palm kernel fat
  • Protects skin and hair from environmental influences

Tucuma Butter for
perfectly matted skin

Together with our Buriti oil, Tucuma is a very special care for sun-damaged skin and hair. In addition, it keeps the tan longer in the skin by improving the quality of the upper skin layers. Tucuma noticeably slows down the renewal process of the skin and supplies it with a lot of natural beta-carotene. Tucuma butter’s smooth consistency makes it an excellent base for homemade ointments, creams, conditioners or after-sun products.

That can only be pure nature

Tucuma has a high concentration of lauric acid. This plays a key role in the skin’s immune system. Thanks to this special composition, untreated Tucuma butter forms an invisible protective film on skin and hair. Without clogging the pores or disturbing the skin’s natural metabolism. Tucuma butter is also packed with antioxidants and polyphenols that protect the skin from free radicals. All in all a great advantage over refined creams with chemical additives.

Our Tucuma butter is a wild natural product that is only available in limited quantities. Please understand that the butter is not always available.

Better buy only pure Tucuma Butter

Tucuma is now commercially grown and processed on a large scale. The consequences are even more cleared jungle and that the valuable ingredients of the seeds are almost completely destroyed by refining. Our partners in Brazil are indigenous people and know exactly where they can collect the seeds for the trees in the Amazon rainforest. This is why our cold-pressed Tucuma butter is obtained exclusively from the wild fruit seeds of the Tucuma palm. Only in this way does it possess the originally very high concentration of active substances. A difference you can feel immediately.

Our product tip for
DIY natural cosmetics

Verteile bevor du ins Wasser im Pool oder ins Meer steigst eine kleine Menge von Murumuru-Butter in deinem Haar. So wird dein Haar vor zu viel Sonne geschützt und sie minimiert die Auswirkungen von Chlor auf dein Haar. So und jetzt viel Spaß im Wasser!

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Carrier Oils, Soap Fats, Stabilizer

Trad. Anwendung

MED. Natural Cosmetics, Sun Protection


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