Pracaxi Oil

Our pure Pracaxi oil keeps what others promise only: scars, misspigmentations, age spots and pregnancy strips are significantly reduced.

Pracaxi oil is obtained by the Indians from the seeds of wild Pracaxi trees at the Amazon. It is also called “miracle oil” because itallows scars to disappear almost a few weeks afterwards and evenpermanently combats persistent irritations such as acne and impure skin. And anti-aging with Pracaxi has a different meaning here: it strengthens your hair roots and reduces hair loss.

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PRACAXI - The true Behenic Oil

Pracaxi oil cares
just wonderful

  • reduces stretch and stretch marks
  • lets melasma, sun and age spots fade visibly
  • Relieves inflammation and soothes acne-affected skin
  • brightens hair and makes it much easier to comb

So good helps only cold-
pressed Pracaxi Oil.

The oil regenerates the skin very fast and fades spots. It noticeably reduces scarring and pregnancy stripes become almost invisible. Our active ingredient-rich Pracaxi oil retards hair loss like no other natural product. Permanently used, it naturally makes hair brighter, smoother and firmer.

That's why Pracaxi oil is a natural treasure

Our pure, untreated Pracaxi oil is a plentiful source of natural behenic acid (19%). As a result, it has strong fungicidal, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. It is also full of lignoceric acid (15.9%), which provides intensive moisture without drying out. Highly concentrated ingredients are found only in the wild Pracaxi seeds. If the cosmetics are refined, as is the case with almost all suppliers of organic cosmetics, many of the fabrics are irretrievably destroyed and meaningless.

Our Pracaxi oil is a wild natural product that is only available in a limited quantity. For the Amazon Indians, it goes without saying that you can only harvest as much as nature itself needs to survive, and only you know the secret places of wild primeval plants in the depths of the forests.

Our Product tip

Beautifies scars and skin spots.
10 ml Pracaxi oil, 5 ml Buriti oil, 40 g Bacuri butter and 10 g Ucuuba butter. Heat Ucuuba butter until it starts to become liquid. Then add the Bacuri butter. If both vegetable fats are liquid, remove from the heat and add the other ingredients. Cool immediately and you have the world’s best scar care.

The UV blocker and wrinkle killer.
Mix 50 ml of Pracaxi oil with 20 ml of Brazil nut oil, 20 ml of Pataua oil and 10 ml of Buriti oil. Beautifies the skin and protects intensively against UV rays.

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