Pequi Oil

Pure luxury for skin, hair & food! This rare and valuable oil is produced by hand in a remote region of Brazil. It is available in Europe in this pure quality only at Samuria.

From the Pequi fruit, our indigenous partners gain an oil that can be used excellently in natural cosmetics. It has a particularly high active ingredient content and is also versatile. Most of our customers are very surprised how effectively the Oil works in her natural cosmetics. Discover the cold-pressed Pequi Oil, as a culinary experience.


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PEQUI - The king oil for interior and exterior use

Our Gourmet Oil
for the discerning.

  • Protection by free oxygen radicals during strenuous physical activity (Link to study)
  • Intense, highly aromatic citrus scent with a floral note
  • Perfect for masking the odours of other raw materials
  • Regenerating, ideal for natural cosmetic creams with anti-ageing effect
  • Makes skin and hair smooth and super soft
  • Nourishes superior dry and mature skin

This is how trad. the
real Pequi-oil is created.

The Pequi oil from Samuria is produced exclusively by the cold process. This is made possible by the ancient knowledge of the indigenous people. The wildly collected fruits are soaked for several days in cold spring water from the Amazon. The water is changed every hour. The first oil that settles on the surface of the water after a few days is skimmed off. In this way, the water content is further reduced.

After several weeks, the seeds of the fruit are loosened by hand and the pulp is crushed by hand in a large mortar together with the skimmed oil until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

This mass is not treated again in a mechanical press, as is usual with most fruit oils, but only filtered. This is done by hand, without the addition of solvents or other additives. The filtered oil is bottled directly. The dry matter is used as fertilizer.

Only pure Pequi oil can be so bioactive

Our cold Pequi-oil is 100% bioactive, because it was not cooked for hours – as usual in South America. It therefore contains in therapeutic form:

  • Carotene 6.36%; from that:
  • β-Cryptoxanthin 6.35%
  • Cryptoflavin 7.70%
  • Antheraxanthin 20.30%
  • Zeaxanthin 34.24%
  • Mutatoxantine 1.87%
  • Lycopene 2.08%
  • Phytosterol 1.77% (β-sitosterol, campesterin, stigmasterol, avenasterine)
  • uvm like oleic acids and arachic acid (this makes the oil smell “rancid” when heated up strongly)

Years of studies have shown that many of these substances

  • Highly antioxidant,
  • strong anti-inflammatory and
  • are said to be extraordinary in cell regeneration after disease.

If you are interested in an overview of studies on the physiological effects of Pequi, please contact us.

Mandatory legal notice: A healthy lifestyle is the basis for well-being and health. However, our products do not replace your doctor or pharmacist if you.

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Aromatic Oils, Bioact. Oils, Carrier Oils, Nutritional Oils, Soap Oils, Stabilizer

Trad. Anwendung

Anti-Aging, Dry & itchy Skin, MED. Natural Cosmetics, Neurodermatitis, Sun Protection


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