Pataua Oil

Goodbye dandruff – you can finally wear dark clothes again without having to pay attention to the shoulders. Pataua is the savior in need.

We can have shiny and breathtaking silky hair just like the Indians at the Amazon. Their open secret is Pataua oil. The intense oil of the Pataua Fruti is the ideal care for scalp and hair. After only a few days, the scalp becomes smooth and elastic again. Undisturbed and beautiful thanks to the wild force from the jungle.

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PATAUA - The sweet gourmet oil with a beauty effect

Pataua oil maintains strong
& gentle to the same.

  • For dry and stressed hair
  • Gourmet oil for hot & cold dishes
  • Regenerates broken hair and slight wrinkles
  • Permanently combats stubborn dandruff and lichens
  • Prevents age-related skin spots and hyperpigmentation

Bioactive Pataua Oil
makes beautiful, of course.

Conventional dandruff shampoos often only have a short-term effect. Pataua helps long lasting even in stubborn cases. It naturally strengthens the hair follicles, lastingly prevents the scalp from drying out and reduces dandruff after only a few applications. The pure Pataua oil is highly effective and is successfully used in the Amazon region to treat melasma and age spots. Pataua is the secret to the silky smooth hair of the Amazon Indians.

Pataua is a masterpiece of nature

The untreated oil of the Pataua seeds has a unique composition of highly concentrated fatty acids and complex amino acid compounds in the plant world. Laboratory tests have also shown that Pataua is a strong inhibitor of melanin biosynthesis and can therefore be used effectively in the treatment of melasma, sun and age spots. This effect can also be enhanced with the combination of acai, Pracaxi and Tucuma oil. There is no better way!

Our Pataua oil is a wild natural product that is only available in limited quantities. It sends a clear signal against green dyeing, animal experiments and the unscrupulous overexploitation of the Amazon rainforest and prefers sustainable wild collections. We offer the most active Pataua oil with all the intensive ingredients that can’t be found anywhere else in this pure quality.

That's good to know:

Crianças de Patauá (Patau children) – This is what some indigenous communities call the young hunters of large, muscular stature. If the woman has little or no breast milk, they feed the children a paste of crushed and watered patoa fruit. We have examined the whole thing a little more closely and found that the composition of the amino acids is amazingly close to that of beef or natural breast milk. The bioactive substances also suggest that Pataua has an important role in the immune system and the development of the child.

Our product tip for
DIY natural cosmetics

Für die Haare mischen wir das Öl mit Buriti und Pracaxi, mit unserer wertvollen Ucuuba-Butter und Acai-Öl für die vorzeitige Faltenvorsorge und nur mit Buriti für zarte Babyhaut. Pataua wird alle Anti-Aging-Produkte, die du bis jetzt verwendet hast, für immer verdrängen.

Tip 1

Mix Pataua Oil (50 ml) with 10% Pracaxi Oil and 7% Buriti Oil. Then place on the switched on heater and massage the hair care mixture into the damp hair.

Tip 2

Anti-Aging for advanced users without artificial chemistry and nature destruction: Mix 50 ml Pataua oil with 30 ml Acai oil and 20 ml Pracaxi oil. The finished mixture lasts over a month and is not only much more effective than conventional anti-aging products, but also much cheaper.

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Carrier Oils, Nutritional Oils

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Anti-Aging, Dry & itchy Skin, MED. Natural Cosmetics


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