Murumuru Butter

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Murumuru butter is the feel-good factor particularly for sensitive skin. Itprovides intensive moisture and protects sensitive skin from furtherenvironmental stress.

Our Murumuru butter is only extracted from wild seeds and therefore hasamazing properties for skin and hair care. It is the ideal product for allsensitive people because it is effective and at the same time very mild. Inaddition, it has antiallergic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viralproperties. Murumuru is a precious natural wonder for your skin.


Pure nourishment for skin and hair

  • Regenerates even damaged hair
  • Makes curly and frizzy hair easier to handle
  • Very intensive moisturizing for extremely sensitive skin
  • Soothes acne in the long term and provides plenty of moisture in case of psoriasis

Unrivaled quality from the Amazon

Murumuru butter is a very special product. For it is not only a richmoisturizer for sensitive and allergically irritated skin. It alsoregenerates sensitive skin and minimizes allergic reactions that candrive any affected person crazy. It also helps actively in theregeneration of stressed and dry hair and gives curls a wonderfulbrilliance with noticeably more suppleness.

Only Murumuru butter can do this

The sweet, pale yellow butter of the Murumuru seeds has veryspecial characteristics thanks to its unique nature: It has an antiallergic,antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect. Arefreshment for people who suffer from their particularly sensitiveskin. This effect comes due to the fact that the butter behaves like avegetable silicone. It works like a protecting and healing layer onskin and hair.

Our Murumuru butter is a wild natural product, available only in limited quantity. Please understand that the butter isnot always available.

Our product advice

Before you get into the water in the pool or the sea, distribute a smallamount of murumuru butter in your hair. This way your hair isprotected from too much sun and it minimizes the effects of chlorineon your hair. And now have fun in the water!

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