Mulateiro Extract

Tree of youth, the Mulateiro is respectfully called by the Amazon Indians. A unique extract with a beautifying effect.

Mulateiro is known for its regenerative effect and has been used forcenturies by indigenous people against the effects of aging and intreatment of infections, diverse skin problems and cuts. It is extracted inGermany according to high laboratory standards and probably has thehighest ecological quality level to be obtained.

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MULATEIRO - Eternally young & naturally preserved

This is Mulateiro
traditionally used.

  • In ointments to soothe the skin
  • for skin and nail problems such as yeasts and fungi
  • for wrinkles, scars, freckles and age spots
  • in hair care products to promote hair growth

Capirona (Mulateiro)
Tree of youth

Mulateiro is known to regenerate completely in the event of injury. Once a year he drops the whole bark and makes it completely new. The Amazon Indians extract the bark together with ayahuasca for spiritual rituals or as a compress for cuts, burns, parasitic infections and fungal diseases. In addition, an infusion is extracted from the bark, which the Indians use after bathing in order to protect themselves against the external influences of aging.

What is Mulateiro Extract?

The mulateiro bark contains a very high content of tannins, phenols and organic acids which should be responsible for the astringent, antibacterial, antifungal and insecticidal activity. Investigations of isolated phenols have been able to show that they have a strong antioxidant effect. This explains why indigenous people traditionally use the extract to “reduce” the aging process.

Our product tip for
DIY natural cosmetics

As an additive in natural ointments, should never be used more than 5% mulateiro extract due to the high terpene content. Always store the product protected from light and sealed, otherwise the resin may thicken.

Legal Requirement: All of these applications are based on centuries of experience of the indigenous peoples of Peru and are still partially not recognized by conventional medicine.

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Ethanol extract, glycerin extract


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