Copaiba Oil

The skin care oil for those who are looking for a permanent improvement in inflammatory skin diseases.

Copaiba oil is known for its anti-inflammatory effect and has been used for centuries by the Natives of Brazil for the treatment of pelvic diseases, diverse skin problems and parasites. Trust in the traditional knowledge of the primeval residents. We deliver the oil at probably the highest ecological quality level to be obtained.


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COPAIBA - The secret miracle of the Amazon Indians

Copaiba oil is traditionally
used for this purpose

  • Skin problems such as psoriasis, dermatitis and fungal infections
  • Oral in gastritis, bacterial infections and flu infections
  • To improve the blood circulation of varicose veins
  • With Andiroba as high-quality massage oil for joint inflammation
  • For internal and external inflammations

So shall wild & raw
Copaiba oil work.

For centuries, the resin of the Copaiba tree has been said to have strong healing and anti-inflammatory properties. The shamans in the Brazilian rainforest use it mixed with Andiroba oil and even buy it as a natural antibiotic, as it is said to work intensively against gram-positive bacteria. Traditionally it is used as massage oil for circulatory disorders, rheumatism, bruises, stress, bronchitis, ear, nose and throat problems and of course inflammations. It is also said to be very successful in the treatment of dermatitis, hives, psoriasis, acne, herpes and cold sores.

That's good to know:

Copaiba, with 480,000 parts per million (ppm), is the highest known natural source of β Caryophyllene. The CB2 agonist (cannabinoid) is known in research for its amazing anti-inflammatory effects. The content of cannabis oil is 120,000 ppm.

Quality as freshly tapped

The difference to other suppliers is that in recent years we have examined and analysed more than 1,000 wild trees just to find the best oil. Many of the freeloaders import some Copaiba oil from large tree nurseries where pesticides are also used. Curiously, almost everyone advertises wild collection without ever having been to the Amazon themselves. With the wild Copaiba oil from SAMURIA you are on the safe side.

Our oil is freshly tapped every quarter from Copaiba trees. The trees grow wild in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon forest and are only tapped in sustainable quantities by the indigenous people.

What is Copaiba oil made of?

More than 50% of the oil consists of terpenes, which are responsible for the intensive mode of action. It is therefore suitable for therapeutic use. However, it should only be used in small quantities of max. 10% in natural cosmetic products.

Our Copaiba oil is a wild natural product that is only available in limited quantities. Please understand that it is not always available.

Our product tip for
DIY natural cosmetics

Due to the high terpene content, Copaiba should never be used more than 5 % as an additive in cosmetic products. Always store the product in a closed place away from light, otherwise the resin may thicken.

Mandatory legal note: All of the above applications are based on the centuries-old experience of the indigenous people of the Amazon and some are still not recognized by orthodox medicine. All descriptions with the context “traditional” serve therefore exclusively the educational purpose.

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Bioact. Oils, Soap Oils, therapeutic oils

Trad. Anwendung

Anti-Aging, Inflammations, Insect Repellent, MED. Natural Cosmetics, Neurodermatitis

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