Wild Brazil nuts

Wild Brazil nuts from Samuria stand for sustainable enjoyment with integrative nature conservation. Unlike other manufacturers, our Brazil nuts are not irradiated and actually come from sustainable wild collection.

We trust the traditional knowledge of the Urwaldeinwohner umd and deliver the Brazil nuts in the probably highest ecological quality level, which is to get. The selenium-rich nuts are collected by indigenous communities in the depths of the untouched Amazon and therefore have a high density of minerals.

NOTE: We are from 06.11. until 28.11. in Brazil to expand our factory and to produce a film about our projects. At this time, our office in Germany is closed and all orders between 27.10. and 02.12. will be edited and delivered on 03.12.2018.

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Brazil nut - The king nut

Wild Brazil nuts:
Natural. Delicious.

  • Primal-Taste that makes addictive
  • Gentle drying below 36 ° C
  • In every nut a real piece of wild nature
  • Active support of indigenous communities without detours
  • Through the sale, we refinance our afforestation projects

For that are wild
Brazil nuts known.

Brazil nuts are more than a tasty snack. For indigenous people, the protein-rich and high-fat nuts serve as a vital energy source on long journeys and are now highly esteemed even in the “modern” world. They contain abundant healthy fats and vegetable amino acids and provide plenty of minerals. Pure Brazil nuts are the most abundant selenium supplier in the wild. Organically bound selenium is an essential trace element and is considered a potent radical scavenger and contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and nails.

The elemental power of the Amazon

Wer etwas traditionelles verändert, bestrahlt, verdampft oder anderweitig in seiner natürlichen Form verändert, der sollte nicht mit den Eigenschaften werben die ein Produkt in seiner Ur-Form besitzt. Doch genau das machen viele Anbieter und Produzenten. Die Paranuss ist zur Massenware verkommen und dort wo vor einigen Jahren noch der Naturschutz im Mittelpunkt stand, steht heute der Profit.

To minimize the selection of individual Brazil nuts, most nuts are nowadays subjected to multiple irradiation or steam treatment. The whole thing is similar to refined oils: most ingredients are almost completely lost through intensive heat treatment, and what remains is the “lifeless” nut.

For this reason, we do not go a step forward but jump out of line. Back to the origin to be exact! But that’s not all: we want to offer our customers the same Brazil nuts that they would find fresh in the depths of the Amazon. That’s why we work exclusively with indigenous communities far from “modern” civilization. Every single nut is collected in almost untouched nature and thus automatically contributes to the protection of the Amazon and even the processing, ie the cracking and peeling of the Brazil nuts takes place at SAMURIA by our indigenous partners.

Good to know:

Almost everywhere you can read that Brazil nuts are only collected wild and the cultivation is not possible due to various factors. Unfortunately that does not correspond to the truth. In Bolivia, Colombia and in the Brazilian state of Pará, the Brazil nut trees have been extensively cultivated in “refined” form for at least 20 years. Very often also using harmful insecticides and exploiting nature. Many of the shops sell Brazil nuts from a handful of importers without ever having been to the Amazon. Everything else is pure advertising waste and often far from reality.

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