Brazil Nut Oil

Our purest extra-virgin Brazil Nut Oil smoothes dry skin almost always immediately and makes from bland salads a sensual taste experience, completely without a bad conscience.

So pure paranut oil you have never tasted: The cold-pressed oil the Paranuss is won with us only from wild nuts and extremely sustained. Unlike most oils, it remains untreated and is not heated secretly. This means that almost all active ingredients are completely retained and the paranut oil unfolds its full potential.

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BRAZIL NUT OIL - The delicious wrinkle treatment

Wild Brazil Nut Oil:
antioxidant & delicious.

  • rich in unsaturated fatty acids and valuable phytosterols
  • absorbs quickly and is moisturising without sticking to the pores
  • the vital icing on the cake in bakery products, confectionery and pasta
  • With its aromatic taste, Brazil Nut oil is an excellent salad oil.
  • Brazil nuts are considered the highest supplier of natural selenium with 1.6 mg

All-round beauty treatment
with extra virgin Brazil Nut oil.

Brazil Nut Oil is one of the most valuable vegetable oils for cold dishes and gives food a tasteful exquisiteness. Apart from its valuable nutritional value, it has many other advantages that make it increasingly popular in natural cosmetics. Brazil Nut Oil is unmatched in the care of normal and very dry skin, as it almost always has a noticeable immediate effect. It nourishes, smoothes and soothes the skin like hardly any other oil. The skin is optically upholstered by the moisture supply and the deep wrinkle formation can be significantly delayed.

That's why our Brazil Nut oil has its effect

Our Brazil nut oil outperforms the classic oil from mass production by far, as we do not heat, roast or chemically treat the Brazil nuts before pressing. Most manufacturers perform the process at about 90 degrees to increase the oil yield, but are still considered cold pressed. As a result, our Brazil Nut Oil contains a variety of natural vitamins, valuable phytosterols and trace elements. Without hidden additives and harmful substances.

Our Brazil Nut Oil is a wild cosmetic raw material that is only available in a limited quantity. Please understand that this pure oil is not always available. Our collectors deliberately only take as many nuts from the forest as nature can cope with on site.

In the traditional medicine of Brazil, the oil is used for detoxification and for thyroid and cardiovascular problems, as it is said to have a positive effect on blood lipid levels due to its phytosterols.

This is how Brazil Nut oil is used

Brazil nut oil is used in almost all areas of the production of natural cosmetics. Especially for dry and impure skin, infectious skin diseases, inflammations, for nail care, in Shampoo´s and hair care products, skin lotions, massage oils and shaving creams.

In the food industry, nut oil is mainly used to enhance the taste of pastries and desserts. In addition, Brazil nut oil is considered the noblest oil for the production of powerful oil colours and is used in small mechanics and as watch oil.

Our product tip for
DIY natural cosmetics

For a lasting hydration of dry skin, mix Brazil Nut Oil with our Buriti-Oil, Pequi-Oil and a few drops of Copaiba-Oil. Use this oil formulation before bedtime by massaging it onto the cleansed and still moist face. You’ll be surprised how smooth and supple your skin looks the next morning.

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Carrier Oils, Nutritional Oils

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Anti-Aging, Dry & itchy Skin


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