Bacuri Butter

Bacuri gives the skin a beautiful, golden tone. It is perfect for users whohave dark hair and a dark complexion.

Bacuri butter normalizes the natural protective function of the skin, givesit a velvety soft feeling and helps it to heal itself. It penetrates the skinvery quickly and deeply. Bacuri butter also reduces the strain on the skin,keeps the skin moist and is the perfect toning base for self-made natural cosmetics.

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BACURI - ointment base and miracle active ingredient

Comprehensive care
for damaged skin.

  • visibly reduces stretch marks and scars
  • for a radiantly beautiful and healthy complexion
  • as vegan ointment base for inflammations, pimples, eczema, haemorrhoids and psoriaris
  • Production of own natural cosmetics, especially as tinting cream for dark complexions

The power of nature
for better regeneration

Bacuri butter is one of nature’s best softeners. It keeps the skin moist for a long time and penetrates even deeper skin layers effortlessly. It has been known for centuries for its antibiotic and antifungal properties and thus helps troubled skin. As it is absorbed very quickly, it can be used to make moisturising creams or healing ointments, for example. Bacuri gives the skin a golden shimmering tone and can be used as a natural tinting cream for dark skin types.

Only genuine Bacuri butter works like this

The wild Bacuri fruit has fantastic properties due to its high content of palmitic acid (over 70%), consisting of over 50% tripalmitin. It penetrates so deeply into the skin and almost always provides immediate relief from itching and redness. The high content of lysine supports the treatment of herpes infections and eczema. Lysine also promotes the production of elastin and collagen in the skin. This reduces stretch marks, heals scar tissue better and more evenly and fights cellulite.

Our Bacuri butter is a wild natural product that is only available in limited quantities. By purchasing it, you are not supporting a chemical company, but small indigenous communities in the depths of the Amazon rainforest.

Our natural cosmetics tip

Mix Bacuri butter (85%) with 10% Copaiba oil and 5% Andiroba oil and use as an ointment or balm for inflammations.

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Bioact. Oils, Stabilizer

Trad. Anwendung

Anti-Aging, Dry & itchy Skin, Inflammations, MED. Natural Cosmetics, Neurodermatitis


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