Raw Material Quality

Quality starts with knowledge

Our Credo:

With Nature, not against!


Biological knowledge, sustainable wild collections and genetically pure Amazonas plants – this is our raw material quality stands for. As a small manufacturer, we attach great importance to trust and full satisfaction. That is why we produce and develop only meaningful products and surpass even high product requirements.


The most of raw materials from the Amazon enjoy a bad reputation and the problem of contaminated, rancid and heavily loaded with heavy metals or pesticides batches are unfortunately often the rule.

No problems with SAMURIA. All of our knowledge on biotechnology flows into our production. Hygienic standards are considered as well as the careful production of pure raw materials, which are simply fun.

The reason why our raw material quality is so unique.

A “normal” raw material processing of natural products is subject to a conventional processing process in which, unfortunately, much is lost.

By intensive heating, for example, the content of organic sulfur compounds in conventional raw materials is lost – if it was present at all. Most people do not even suspect that many chronic diseases are triggered due to a lack of sulfur in the diet itself.

The sulfur Content

Sulfur can initiate astonishing regeneration processes. It is always said that all products contain sulfur in great quantities. But when did you last drink raw milk? When raw vegetables or raw herbs are eaten? And when did we eat “raw”, that is, unroasted and non-heated cocoa?

How we process the wild plants.

The collected wild fruits and plants are first washed and dried carefully under the Peruvian or Brazilian sun for several weeks and protected against UV rays.

After the majority of the water has been removed, the raw materials are extracted at max. 40 ° C with a screw press to preserve the ingredients and subsequently to be cleaned by means of a mechanical filter.

The wild plants and seeds for our rich vegetable oils are not “secretly” heated as usual, and thus have a higher peroxide value. But this is not a negative quality feature, because it is wild fruits. You should rather be sceptical when “cold-pressed vegetable oils” have a peroxide value of 5 (+/-). We guarantee the highest ecological quality level and high concentration of active agents.

Some raw materials are also subjected to fermentation, which in our process is rather an oxidation*. By this method the proportion of “good” bacteria and enzymes is increased, the raw materials become naturally more durable and taste intensive.

A word about the Regulations.

Often, a large proportion of manufacturers simply follow a new trend. Many of the merchants who run a company for natural products or cosmetic raw materials without any support from experts have no idea of compounds, vitamins and active ingredients. Everything that is advertised as a trend or as a new miracle has to be made an ingredient of the product for reasons of better sales – often at the expense of the consumers. It does not matter whether Substance A matches Substance B, because the knowledge of this is not available to buyers.

Under certain circumstances, a substance A can completely neutralize the effect of substance B. Refining is also one of the reasons why much of the natural products and cosmetic raw materials can not be as effective as hoped for.

We are not perfect either. There is simply a small percentage in humans (and also in animals) where some products have no effect. Other manufacturers will probably not tell you, so we are doing now!

A reason can be an unusual way of life or even a serious illness. Each person is different (different size, different weight) – one maybe only needs some mg to see effects, whereas the other needs the fivefold amount.

With the products of Samuria this shall not happen to you. We know how our raw materials work, how the ingredients work and how they are processed in the body or by the skin, what quantities and connections are sensible and what things to look for in the recipe. An important and crucial difference.

Wild raw materials for exclusive Quality.

By using our raw materials we guarantee the highest possible active agent concentration and sustainability. All plant parts are 100% collected wild. In the middle of the Amazon, the Amazon raw materials are carefully processed locally. Our indigenous partners know exactly how much they can obtain from nature and receive very fair prices from us.