Private Label

Our Servie: Your Advantage!


Samuria offers new, exotic raw materials in Europe. In their countries of origin these have long been tested. We would be happy to advise you if you have questions such as:

  • What should I watch out for?
  • Which areas of application apply to this oil?
  • Is there a reference customer for this product?
  • How can Samuria help my customers accept the new raw materials?
  • Can Samuria recommend a raw material for my cosmetics to work better?

Just call us Mon-Fri between 9 am – 6 pm and call 0049 35263 177 564. We are looking forward to your questions and suggestions.

Private Label

Samuria fills according to German laboratory standards. Contamination is virtually impossible. Our large containers are sterilized by UV prior to collection. The filling process is carried out directly and in a germ-free environment. Samuria fills all products completely without unnecessary heat input.

  • Labeling with your Labels
  • Individual design of Labels
  • Private Label service manufacturing of oil blends
  • Filling of Oils and Greases from 60 kg into smaller units
  • Individual handling possible for order quantities of at least 120 kg during collection and filling.

Marketing, Branding

With little effort you can develop your own brand or special formats. Your customers appreciate the exclusivity and your competitors are kept at a distance. Also focus on customer service for purity, transparency and vivid sustainability. We support you with individually adapted:

  • Photos and videos for web and print
  • Product descriptions
  • Storytelling and PR
  • Packing design
  • PR actions

We are happy to advise you! Please call us on 0049 35263 177 564.

Container Size

Package sizes Depending on the application and the target group, we offer you the following standard container types and sizes.

  • Dorica-glass bottles: 100, 200 und 500 ml
  • Pipette, drip or spray bottles: 50-100 ml
  • Jar: 50, 100 und 200 g (for fats).
  • Boston Dropper bottle (plastic): 100, 200 und 500 ml
  • Spray head bottle (plastic): 100, 200 und 500 ml
  • Jar (plastic) in green, amber, transparent and blue: 50, 100 und 200 g
  • Container sizes for bulk (Oil): 10 kg, 50 kg, 1900 kg
  • Container sizes for bulk (Butter): 10 kg, 50 kg, 190 kg
  • Food-safe bucket, IBC canister or drums depending on the raw material

Other sizes are available on request.

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