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Proteção da floresta Amazônica

As a sales partner of Amazon raw materials Samuria you do not have to be a salesprofi. We do not care about penetrating customer insinuation. Our products persuade by unique quality, the power of wild primal plants and perceptible effects. We care about honesty, transparency and enthusiasm. As sales partners, you not only work on your own success, but also on the protection of the Amazon rainforest. Because the more well-known our products become, the more rainforest we can protect and use for the sustainable wild collection. A real gain for man, animal and nature.

There is a great deal of uncertainty among many customers regarding the use of classical preparations. It‘s constantly the same empty advertising phrases and the promises are mostly not kept. That‘s good conditions for our products, because they convince through action and come without any false promises. As sales partners, you won‘t have to make meaningless promises and you will be able look in the mirror without a bad conscience. In addition, our products are already satisfy after a few applications due to their unique purity. The customers feel the product immediately, the consultation is simple and thus also the sale. At the same time, you are fulfilling the desire for security and tangible results by taking action in the field of sustainability.

With little effort you can build up your own income. Your customers appreciate our unique quality and competitors are kept at a distance. Important is not the quantity of won customers, but the customers you win on their first purchase. From our own experience, we know that it rarely stays at the one-time use.

Strengthen customer loyalty with transparent products that offer the maximum active agent concentration since they are obtained from genetically pure crops and are truly sustainable. We are happy to help you! Please call us at +49 035263 177 564 or E-Mail.

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