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Organic Skin Care Contract Manufacturer

Contract manufacturing

The market for natural cosmetics continues to grow continuously and more and more often, consumers are being led by the nose. Fortunately, the number of enlightened consumers is also growing and individual ingredients are being questioned right down to their origin. It is only a matter of time before a high level of quality will prevail. That is why we focus from the outset on the production of pure natural cosmetics without false advertising phrases.

In our partner azba cosmetics GmbH, we have found a manufacturer who uses our raw materials to develop and produce natural cosmetic formulations without hidden harmful substances or synthetic ingredients, free of pesticides, plasticizers and plastic beads. From unique small quantities for manufactories, hotels and cosmetic studios to larger production: with this sustainable natural cosmetic your brand is closest to nature!


FREE Safety-statement
no unnecessary initial costs
individual recipes from 500 pieces on
clean labeling without greenwashing
superior raw materials with noticeable effects
novel preservation without synthetic ingredients
FREE quality control of the Amazon raw materials used
FREE safety assessment for the use of our raw materials

Small Quantity

Almost everyone starts out small and anyone who wants to save the world has to be flexible. That’s why we also offer our contract manufacturing in individual small quantities.

Start-ups, manufactories and organic shops thus make it possible to enter the world of genuine natural cosmetics and, thanks to our unique raw materials, make a clear difference to “natural cosmetics” from the mass market.


Natural cosmetics face cream
Natural Cosmetic Shampoo
Natural cosmetics sun protection
Natural Cosmetic Hair Care
Natural Cosmetic Lip Care
Natural cosmetics conditioner
Medical and Natural Cosmetics**

** Without approval

The joint projects of SAMURIA and azba cosmetics GmbH are based on sustainability and not on profitability. By using our wild Amazon raw materials, you actively support us in protecting wild rainforest areas. As a thank you, we take over the costs for the analyses of your new natural cosmetics.

In the fast lane with genuine natural cosmetics

Would you like to have your natural cosmetics produced without hidden harmful substances and without greenwashing? Or do you want to keep your competitors at a distance and convince them with transparency, sustainability and honesty?

Then let me surprise you: Request a quote today and soon conquer the market with genuine natural cosmetics. Or call us at 0049 35263 177 564.