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Produtos da biodiversidade da Amazônia

The market for natural cosmetics is growing steadily and more and more, consumers are being led around the nose. Fortunately, the number of enlightened consumers grows as well, and individual ingredients are questioned to their origin. It is only a matter of time before a high degree of quality is achieved. This is why we are committed to the production of pure natural cosmetics without false advertising flaps.

With our raw materials, we develop natural cosmetic formulations without hidden pollutants or synthetic ingredients, free of pesticides, plasticizers and plastic beads. From small batches for factories, hotels and cosmetic studios to the larger production: With the sustainable natural cosmetics from Samuria, your brand is the closest to nature!

  • no unnecessary pre-costs
  • FREE Safety-statement
  • individual recipes from 500 pcs
  • clean labeling without greenwashing
  • superior raw materials with noticeable effects
  • novel preservation without synthetic ingredients

We produce the following natural cosmetics

Natural products Min-Order Free Analyses & Co.
Natural-face-cream 500 Tiegel Ja
Natural-Shampoo 500 Flaschen á 250 ml á 50 g Ja
Natural-sun-protection 500 Dispenser á 250 ml Ja
Natural-hair-care 500 Flaschen á 250 ml Ja
Natural-lip-care 1000 Stifte á 3,5 g Ja
Natural-Conditioner 500 Flaschen á 250 ml Ja
Medical-Natural-Cosmetics auf Anfrage Nein

The projects of Samuria have been developed on the basis of sustainability and not on account of economic viability. Through the use of our wild Amazon raw materials you actively support us in the protection of wild rainforest areas. To thank you, we will pay the costs for the analysis and safety assessment of your new natural cosmetics.

With genuine natural cosmetics on the fast lane

Do you want to have your natural cosmetics made without any harmful pollutants, greenwashing and no consumption? Or do you want to keep your competitors apart and convince with transparency, sustainability and honesty?

Then let yourself be surprised: today request a quotation and already “tomorrow” with genuine natural cosmetics conquer the market. Or call us at +49 035263 177 564 an.

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