100% sustainable Bulkware for Food & natural Cosmetics


SAMURIA recorded strong growth in 2017, working alongside its own cooperative with 17 other cooperatives, who collect all raw materials wildly in real biodiversity hotspots. By 2019, we will be able to integrate 40 more communities into the Wild Collection. This enables us to produce large quantities sustainably and is considered a leading specialist in the field of sustainable raw materials from the Amazon rainforest.

Your Advantage

If natural vegetation permits, all raw materials are freshly pressed every quarter. Seeds and fruits that ripen only once a year are flash frozen. As a result, a fresh processing is possible throughout the year. So we guarantee the optimal effectiveness and pure quality without rancid fats.

No customs & European wide free delivery
convenient to order & & Free storage
Individual handling during production
Fresh raw materials and real results
100% sustainability and full transparency
Free from pesticides, fillers and pollutants
Without rancid ingredients and fats


Oils / Butters, cold pressed

Raw Materials Quantity p. a. Harvest
Acai-Oil 5.500 kg gzj.
Andiroba-Oil 14.500 kg gzj.
Buriti-Oil 5.000 kg Jul. – Sept.
Copaiba-Oil 11.500 kg gzj.
Guanabana-Oil 0.500 kg from Juli
Guava-Oil < 0.500 kg from Aug.
Muruci-Oil < 0.500 kg from Sept.
Brazil Nut Oil 21.000 kg gzj.
Pataua-Oil 3.000 kg Aug. – Sept.
Pequi-Oil 3.500 kg from Oct.
Pracaxi-Oil < 0.400 kg on Request
Tucuma-Oil 10.000 kg gzj.
Bacuri-Butter 0.900 kg from Aug.
Cupuacu-Butter 15.000 kg gzj.
Murumuru-Butter 31.000 kg Jan. – Okt.
Tucuma-Butter 28.500 kg gzj.
Ucuuba-Butter 0.600 kg on Request

*gzj. = all year

Direct Juice (NFC) / Concentrate, cold pressed

Raw Materials Quantity p. a. Harvest
Acai Direct Juice (NFC) 20.000 kg gzj.
Acai-Concentrate 1.800 kg gzj.
Cupuacu-Concentrate 1.500 kg gzj.

*gzj. = ganzjährig

Food Raw-Materials

Raw Materials Quantity p. a. Harvest
Wild.Cacao (Powder) ~ 40.000 kg Nov. – März
Amazon Rainforest Honey ~ 1.200 kg Apr. – Nov.


Oils: 10 kg, 50 kg, 190 kg
Fats/Butters: 50 kg, 190 kg, 1.000 kg
Concentrate: 25 kg, 190 kg
NFC Juice: 190 kg, 1.000 kg

Sustainable Bulkware for Industry & Trade

You are a business customer and you want to upgrade your products not only ethically, but also functionally? Or are you interested in larger quantities?

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