Why we founded Samuria?

The English people used to say:

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” That was when apples still had their original ingredients. Highly active ingredients of old cultivated apples, for which nature needed an endless number of years and which only appear in much smaller traces in new apple varieties. We think that can be changed. Not only with the apple, but with all that nature offers and what has not yet been eradicated. And so we founded Samuria – the honest, upright samurai, who protects the rainforest and your health. Without chemicals.

To do this, we sold our luxury goods with a heavy heart, traded our great cars for money and bought used filling lines and machines. Our future goal: the most active cosmetic raw materials and natural products. Always honest, always a step ahead and thanks to our wild raw materials always a whole lot better.


Samuria, that's us Three


The Academic

Peter, BTU Cottbus; studied bioinformatics. At the weekend he lives at home in Cotttbus, usually he creeps behind his books to „relax“.

Professor type. An outspoken bookworm and reserved.


The Bio-Economist

Lars at first studied business informatics, later he went on to study three semesters of pharmacy at the Dresden University of Technology, followed by biotechnology.

An interdisciplinary generalist and rebel who has found his center of interest in biotechnology, with a focus on sustainability and enzyme kinetics.


The Businessman

The anthropologist from Hamburg has been working at the interface of marketing communications, environmental protection and development cooperation for many years.

He is our all-rounder when it comes to projects, marketing and sales.

The first product and how we got to know each other.

From home-lab to a pioneer: Lars’ first product was a natural stimulant, which he had developed during a semester work in his earlier pharmacy studies. After asking critical questions about synthetic substances in a public lecture, he had to reckon with the exmatriculation and gave up on pharmacy. A few years later, he began his studies in biology, where he met Franziska and Peter. Soon we met up after the lectures, worked on new plantations in our home laboratory and investigated enzymes, fatty acids and phytosterols. Many endless hours of conversation sparked a fire that continues to this day.

Of course we knew from our operations why many of the remedies weren‘t likely to work – because they are synthetic for reasons of cost and are hardly or not at all metabolized by humans. In addition to this, almost every exotic raw material is now cultivated in Asia and is contaminated with herbicides and pesticides. The refining of cosmetic raw materials is also destroying all plant substances. However, most studies are performed on pure substances or exotic, genuinely wild primates. That’s why crazy scientists like creeping through the underwood.

But what the consumer gets sold in the stores has nothing to do with these pure raw materials anymore. Due to extensive cultivations, dead soils and growth-increasing fertilizers, the plants lack most of their good and formerly rich active ingredients.

Our four Guidelines.

Fairness & honesty.

The base of good Cooperation

Honesty is particularly important to us. We will never – like some manufacturers in their marketing – work with paid or even false doctors and professors as advertising carriers.

We act out of conviction.

Ethics & Morality

We are convinced of our products, as we as specialists develop and produce our natural products on our own. What we do not: to receive commissions for the distribution of foreign products. We are not only interested in the biological modes of action, we live our profession. We study and examine as thoroughly as possible, even if or just because biology is very complex. That drives us.

Ancient knowledge for strong raw materials.

Without advertising Phrases

Our health system is economically focused, not remedially. It earns on patients. We are aware of this as a consequence of our training in this system. Many consumers of natural products and cosmetic raw materials feel lost in manufacturers‘ marketing and they lack the necessary expertise on organic compounds. Many organic natural products are expensive in the shop and often only supposedly good.

Transparency & Clarity.

Real Expertise

Our knowledge from our fields of expertise is going to be incorporated into current and future products. In addition, we will also have access to independent experts from all fields of biomedicine, ethical biotechnology and orthomolecular medicine. Many other specialists lack the independence and, due to varying studies and findings, the modern knowledge about active ingredients and their combinations.

Service & Benefits

Lager Europa

Lager Europa

Das brasilianische Steuersystem ist fast genauso undurchdringlich wie der Amazonas selbst. Nicht selten tricksen Exporteure und das Nachsehen hat der Importeur. Aus diesem Grund versenden wir europaweit immer ab Lager Deutschland.
Naturkosmetik Startup

Naturkosmetik Startup

Neben dem finanziellen Aufwand scheitern die meisten Naturkosmetik Startups an den hohen Mindestmengen der Lohnhersteller. Wir durchbrechen den Kreislauf und bieten die Lohnherstellung bei der Verwendung unserer Rohstoffe bereits in Kleinmengen an.


Obwohl Amazonas Rohstoffe zu den bioaktivsten Rohstoffen der Welt gehören, genießen sie eher einen schlechten Ruf. Von ranzigen Fetten und gefälschten Analysen haben wir alles erlebt. Deshalb produzieren wir den Großteil unserer Rohstoffe selber.
1000% Nachhaltig

1000% Nachhaltig

Einzigartig wie unsere Rohstoffe selber ist deren Ursprung. Jedes Pflanzenteil stammt ausschließlich von wilden Planzen oder von unseren Aufforstungsprojekten aus der ökol. Permakultur. Das hilft nicht nur der Natur, sondern auch im ehrlichen Marketing.
Daten & Analysen

Daten & Analysen

Für einen Hersteller von Naturkosmetik oder Lebensmittel gibt es (fast) nichts schlimmeres wie abgelaufene Analysen und sinnfreie Datenblätter. Aus diesem Grund sind unsere Analysen immer chargenbezogen und die Datenblätter voller Input für die Entwicklung.
1000% Frei von

1000% Frei von

Ob konventionell oder Bio spielt oft keine Rolle. Die meisten Rohstoffe sind mit Pestiziden, Herbiziden und Insektiziden belastet. Um unsere Konkurrenz zu ärgern möchten wir an dieser Stelle nochmal betonen: Rohstoffe von Samuria.de sind 1000% frei von synth. Chemie.


Das Wort Nachhaltigkeit verkommt zur grünen Lüge. Jede Firma wirbt damit, ganz besonders die großen Konzerne. Doch wer hinter die Kulissen schaut ist oft schockiert. Wir zeigen das es ehrlich geht: Du kannst uns in Deutschland genauso wie in Brasilien besuchen.


Mit unseren indigenen Freunden haben wir geschafft was sonst keiner vermag. Wir haben einen Weg gefunden, zerstörte Regenwaldflächen in Permakultur aufzuforsten. Ob Industrie- oder Privatkunde, jeder Einkauf hilft bei der Refinanzierung dieser Projekte.
Payment Process

Payment Process

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The true Difference

„We want to offer an honest and functional alternative for personal health care and against conventional natural products. We are gentle Rebels.“

Andrew Sober

Partners & Supporters