Amazon raw materials from primordial plants

Whoever saves at the wrong end will pay the price for it. We are also of this opinion. Therefore, we produce our Amazon raw materials exclusively from wild primates. These have demonstrably the highest ecological quality level and the maximum drug density. This gives us direct access to the same bioactive raw materials, which have been used by indigenous peoples for centuries, for industry, commerce and quality-conscious manufactures.

Raw materials that we produce on order

The following raw materials we hasn´t in stock in Germany and currently only produce them on order from 190 KG. Further information can be requested under CONTACT.

NFC Juice & Concentrates

This raw materials are currently not produced about our factory expansion in Manaus and will not be available until the end of 2019. Further information can be requested under CONTACT.

It is always the raw materials that make the difference.

Whether you make natural cosmetics yourself, plan an international brand or want to leave a lasting impression on your customers – one thing is certain – an final product is only as good as its ingredients.