Amazon raw materials from sustainably wirld harvest primordial plants

Whoever saves at the wrong end will pay the price for it. We are also of this opinion. Therefore, we produce our Amazon raw materials exclusively from wild primates. These have demonstrably the highest ecological quality level and the maximum drug density. This gives us direct access to the same bioactive raw materials, which have been used by indigenous peoples for centuries, for industry, commerce and quality-conscious manufactures.

Acai-Oil, cold-pressed

✔ Anti-Aging ✔ Vitamin D

Andiroba-Oil, cold-pressed

✔ Cellulite ✔ inflammations

Bacuri-Butter, cold-pressed

✔ salves-base✔ scars relief

Buriti-Oil, cold-pressed

✔ β-Carotine ✔ sun-protection

Copaiba-Oil, pure

✔ neurodermatitis ✔ inflammations

Cupuacu-Butter, cold-pressed

✔ Moisturizer ✔ inflammations

Green-Coffe-Oil, cold-pressed

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Soursop-Oil, cold-pressed

✔ non-comedogenic ✔ Anti-Aging

Guava-Oil, cold-pressed

✔ non-comedogenic ✔ odor-component

Passion fruit seed oil, cold-pressed

✔ Anti-Aging ✔ non-comedogenic

Mulateiro-Extrakt, Ethanol

✔ Anti-Aging ✔ Tree of youth

Muruci-Oil, cold-pressed

✔ 4,2 % sulfur ✔ antifungal

Murumuru-Butter, cold-pressed

✔ Moisturizer ✔ irritated skin

Pataua-Oil, cold-pressed

✔ dry hair ✔ dandruff

Pequi-Oil, cold-pressed

✔ aromatic ✔ „Nectar of God“

Pracaxi-Oil, cold-pressed

✔ stretch marks ✔ +19% behenic acid

Sangre de Drago, pure

✔ natural plaster ✔ +90% OPC

Tucuma-Butter, cold-pressed

✔ Moisturizer ✔ Palmoil-Alternate

Tucuma-Öl, cold-pressed

✔ β-Carotine ✔ Palmoil-Alternate

Ucuuba-Butter, cold-pressed

✔ Anti-Acne ✔ Beeswac-Alternate

Vegetable raw materials down-the-line

There are countless manufacturers of natural products that offer their raw materials at the lowest price or declare refined ingredients as premium or game collection. But while this offer is tempting, the product lures the buyers into misleading: components are sold abroad through reimports and are not subject to any controls. The origin of these are often not known. Also the mostly synthetic, and thus more favorable, production contains considerable shadows, which are not aware of the consumer.

A sample from the chemistry-lab

Take beta-carotene, which is known in natural form for its antioxidant properties and is used in synthetic form to “color” foods. What many do not know: synthetically produced beta-carotene can cause the opposite effect, cause allergic reactions and even increase the risk of cancer. Various studies show that the body can distinguish between artificial and natural vitamin forms.

What does this mean for the manufacturer?

It is a simple calculation: who wants to spend little, also produces inferior. And even risking the health of its customers, instead of encouraging them or frustrating them with inferior products. Because you can never be sure what is really contained in discount raw materials.

Not with us. Not with Samuria. We have made the highest quality to the principle. According to the principle:

“Invest in the well-being of your customers!”

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