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A whole new experience of Ingredients

With our ingredients you proactively protects the virgin Amazon – and you’ll experience the power of primeval forest plants: high-quality vegetable oils, natural thickeners or sustainable natural private label cosmetics. Order conveniently online now!

Pflanzenöle von Amanaci

Vegetable Oil

The crown of vegetable oils: Cold pressed from wild primordial plants and therefore full of bioaktive substances.

Konsistenzgeber für Naturkosmetik und Kosmetik

Thickening agent

Break up with discount ingredients and discover natural thickeners for high-class Cosmetics with noticeable effects.

Pflanzenextrakte für Naturkosmetik und Kosmetik

Plant extract

Bioactive plant extracts from wild primordial plants with anti-ageing effects and for preservation of Natural Cosmetics.

This is the way sustainable Ingredients is made:
Natural, wild—purely than Organic.

We produce cold-pressed oils, Thickening agents and plant extracts are made of wild rainforest plants. The raw materials are natural and processed extremely gently. Our products contains active ingredients only of genetically clean Plants, made possible thanks to secret Knowledge of our indigenous partners and forest dwellers who collect it wild in the true biodiversity. We want the best for you, the industry and for all, their create Cosmetics yourselves.

Advantages with Amanaci

Secrets of Amazônia

Inner purity

Made of bioactive primordial plants and additional free from pesticides, herbicides and insecticides.

Wild instead of Organic

We are personally present in the Amazon and all raw materials are ensures wild and not from hybrid agri-plants.

Do good!

Your purchase everybody is given help, because this is we fund the reforestation of destroyed rainforest areas.

4 vegetable raw materials, every developers Should Know

No matter if private, therapist or contract manufacturers: These vegetable raw materials transform every Product into an unique one and provide the forest-dwellers with the wild harvesting a decent alternative to the logging.


Secrets from the depths of the Amazon

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That is what Amanaci stand for

Rohstoffe für Naturkosmetik

Ingredients, who do good

To both private and corporate customers

We help you access of sustainable Ingredients for Natural Cosmetics, Pharmacy and Food, made by wild amazonian plants. All parts of plants shall be collected to be 100% wild in real biodiversity hot-spots and are completely traceable. Wild plants have a greater number of activities and the best ecological quality level. A clear advantage over conventional raw materials.

Rohstoffe mit Transparenz

Ingredients with transparency

The basis for active Ingredients

We take care to the health of your clients and produce all Products from original plants and without synthetic additives. The products are free from pesticides, because every single plant is collected very sustainable in the “untouched” depths of the Amazon. All to ensure keep healthy, feel a real difference and distance to the competition through quality.

Amazonas schützen

Amanaci protects the Amazon

… and you can help!

By purchasing at Amanaci will officially protected a real area of rainforest and which is important not only on paper. Originally, our Project were limited a pure reforestation project. Today, we buying cleared rainforest areas with our
revenue, afforest them in permaculture and enables with the wild collection, an income for over 100 locals and thus a sustainable alternative to illegal brand-clearing, sale of wood and mining for Gold.

Clients and Partners, their trust in our Ingredients

For juridical reasons Amanaci can not disclose all its references.

Lohnhersteller AZBA Cosmetics
Lohnhersteller AZBA Cosmetics für Kosmetik und Naturkosmetik

AZBA Cosmetics GmbH

Naturkosmetik Manufaktur
Naturkosmetik Manufaktur Pirnaer Seifenoper

Pirnaer Seifenoper

Nietz Kosmetik Manufaktur
Lohnhersteller Nietz Kosmetik Manufaktur für Kosmetik und Naturkosmetik

Nietz Kosmetik Manufaktur

Ätherische Öle amazon
Ätherische Öle auf kaufen

ALVARE – Amazon Seller

Homemade DIY cosmetics recipes which truly protects the Rainforest

Simple recipes for genuine Natural Cosmetics without glycerin, palm oil and toxins

Naturkosmetik haltbar machen
Naturkosmetik haltbar machen mit Pflanzenextrakten von Amanaci

Preserving cosmetics


Die einfachste Methode deine Naturkosmetik haltbarer zu machen.

Gesichtscreme selbermachen
Gesichtscreme selber machen mit Naturkosmetik-Rohstoffen von Amanaci

DIY face cream


Fast wie kochen, nur das unsere Gesichtscreme kalt-gerührt wird.

Handcreme selber machen
Handcreme selber machen mit Rohstoffen von Amanaci

DIY hand cream


Zarte Schmeicheleien: Die beste Handcreme ohne Gedöns.

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Buying sustainable Ingredients online

You want to work with our raw materials or want use our vegetable oils pure and help with purchase to make it possible, that our forest dweller of the Amazon has been a alternate in deforestation and brand-clearing by doing sustainable wild harvesting?