Precious cosmetic raw materials & wild natural raw materials

We produce precious cosmetics derived from wild jungle plants. The raw materials are natural and gently processed below 40 ° C. Our products only contain active ingredients from genetically pure plants, which have been gathered wildly in genuine biodiversity hotspots thanks to the secret knowledge of our indigenous partners. Only the best for the industry, the health food store and your Hobby room!


B2B raw materials

With over 90 indigenous & collectors, we bring
unique sustainable amazon raw materials to
the industry and commerce.


Online shop

In our shop we offer to consumers precious
natural and cosmetic raw materials from
sustainable wild grown products.

Discover the power of wild primordial plants

Committed for a greener world

Each Samuria customer officially saves a genuine piece of rainforest through his purchase. Every quarter, we buy smaller rainforest areas from 30% of our revenues, and protect them thanks to enthusiastic customers. This way we are increasing our production sustainably, without any natural disruption or monocultures.

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Full transparency for your customers

We pay attention to your customers‘ health. The proof: We produce all products from wild crops and without synthetic additives. Each individual raw material is collected sustainably without any exceptions. Everything to keep you healthy and to make you feel an intense difference.

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Wild natural & cosmetic raw materials

We enable manufacturers and retailers access to genetically pure natural and cosmetic raw materials. Our raw materials are 100% wild collected in real biodiversity hotspots. Genuine primary plants have a much higher active substance density and therefore the highest ecological quality level. A clear advantage over conventional raw materials.

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AMAZON RAW MATERIALS - Samuria is active for you and the

Projects for rainforest protection

Every year around 6,500 sqkm Amazon rainforest disappear! This corresponds to 7 times the size of Berlin. Together we do something about it: we buy wild rainforest areas, use them for sustainable wild habitats and protect them.


Amanaci Holding - Salve a Amazônia

Amanaci has been active, caring for the protection of the rainforest. With online campaigns and the magazine Amazon Journal, the non-profit Holding Amanaci calls for destructive projects and companies and regularly organizes protests.

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